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A Visit to Cape Town, South Africa

I recently had the good fortune of being in South Africa and was once again amazed by the sheer beauty and diversity this country has to offer. In many ways South Africa is very similar to the U.S. The cities here are modern, offering all the amenities you would expect anywhere in the States. It has a thriving business community that helps fuel its powerful economy, nearly everybody speaks English, and for the most part life moves along just as it does over here. It is always a comfortable feeling to have so many familiar aspects of life around while in South Africa.

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SunStar shines brightly on Signal Hill

Last night the SunStar Beacon of Hope was unveiled and lit up on Signal Hill. And it looks pretty spectacular.

Designed by Christopher Swift and part of the World Design Capital initiatives, the SunStar was made with pieces of the fencing from Robben Island.

Standing 24 metres high, this outdoor art installation will stay on Signal Hill for about six months before it’s moved, possibly to one of the properties of Sun International, who funded the piece.

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Ebola Virus Cape Town Latest Update

One of the most common recent web searches that brings readers to my blog is is Ebola Virus in Cape Town? As tourists flock to our sunny shores, they want to know ‘is there Ebola in the city?’

The short answer is NO. In fact, up to today (6th December 2014), there have been no diagnosed cases of Ebola in South Africa. If that’s all you want to know, job done, but there is some ‘good to know’ stuff below, including how to prevent the spread of germs while travelling. Come to Cape Town and have a wonderful holiday. I’ve lived here for 31 years and still absolutely love it. There is no Ebola in Cape Town. Feel free to share this news and this blog!

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Ebola update – is South Africa safe to visit?

More than 10 months after patient zero contracted Ebola in Guinea, West Africa, one would expect the virus to have ravaged most of Africa by now and killed millions, if the media hype and scary headlines about this Ebola outbreak are to be believed. Instead, beyond a couple of isolated cases of individuals (mostly health workers) returning from the affected region in West Africa, Ebola has not spread beyond those West African countries where the outrbeak originated. In fact, the WHO is expected to announce an end to the Ebola outbreak in both Senegal and Nigeria, both third world countries where the outbreak has been successfully contained. This is great news. So why does the panic continue?

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Five wonderful Western Cape experiences

The magnificent province of the Western Cape is home to Table Mountain, Robben Island, part of the scenic garden route, picturesque winelands, and so much more.

The Western Cape is beautifully portrayed in these pictures shared on our Love South Africa Flickr group. They show five of the many wonderful places you can visit in this fascinating province.

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City of Cape Town unveils new transport app

Cape Town is proving, once again, why it is one of the best cities in the world – no offense to Northerners!

The mother of the Mother City, Mayor Patricia de Lille, unveiled a new transport app designed specifically for Cape Town on Monday, which looks to make traveling through Cape Town as easy as finding the mountain.

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Cape Town gearing up for exciting new urban attraction

Cape Town – Remember the good old days of Cape Town’s Fan Walk back in 2010 and how it brought everyone together – locals of all creeds and tourists from every corner of the world?

Well, guess what! The Mother City will soon be home to a brand new urban walk, which the Cape Town Partnership hopes will hold the same charm as the Fan Walk of 2010.

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